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Trash the dress

12 Aug

Ok, as I've said, not even picked the dress yet, so probably shouldn't even think about trash the dress photo shoots, but check out this gorgeous southern style shoot, I'm a Scarlett O'Hara at heart!

The bride


Is there really such a thing as ‘the one’?

10 Aug

Dress I mean, I know I’ve found the right man 🙂

It’s under 8 months until we get married and I still haven’t found the dress, I have tried loads on, and there is one that stands out above all others, but I didn’t get the fabled ‘this is the one’ feeling. Or maybe I did and I just didn’t recognize it.



10 Aug

Welcome to our wedding blog, which will be packed with information, ideas and inspirations as we plan our day.

Also, keep up to date with both the groom‘s and the bride’s thoughts as the countdown continues.